Rachel Hector, humble and unassuming, is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Not only did she deliver the information in a way that delved deep into my psyche, but she was prompt and helpful if ever I had a question. Going through teacher training can bring up issues in your personal life, which was the case for me. I felt safe in confiding in Rachel. She helped me to deal with my situation in a true yogic way.

If you have an opportunity to learn from Rachel, TAKE IT. A true Guru.
— Starre, YogaYoga Flow-Based Training Graduate
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First of all, thank you (Ana) so much for your patient and thoughtful yoga instruction. These past few months have been great, giving me a freedom from back pain that has really been a gift. Your Beginners class was, as have been all the classes I’ve taken with you, warm and inviting - you’ve never made the class a pretzel factory. So long story short, I just got back from a trip to Amsterdam, a trip where I was free from pain but moreover from worry about pain, and that freedom, that confidence is due in no small part to your teaching.
— Gray
Rachel is a great human being. She was my lead teacher during my teacher training in San Antonio. I have nothing, but words of love towards her. She always had the kindest words to say and her laugh is contagious, so stick around her. Her classes during teacher training were fun, engaging and full of great information. Thank to her, I see things in a very different (positive) way, also I am a total different person after the training. Rachel opened the yoga door for me, and I really thank her, because now I just can`t get enough. :)
— Adriana, YogaYoga Flow-Based Training Graduate
Thank you for being a friend and a mentor through it all. I have felt nurtured by your loving presence. I have been given the gift of stepping on to the yogic path by the training and by observing and taking your classes. For this I am most grateful. Your encouragement has meant so much to me.
— Latifa, YogaYoga Hatha Training Graduate
The experience of YY Teacher Training for Healthcare Professionals was so powerful, that I feel like it will take at least double the amount of time to integrate the wisdom, care, and knowledge we received in the program. Yoga is constantly perched on my shoulder now, beckoning me throughout my day in so many ways. We laughed a lot and learned how to bring Yoga to the mat for anyone and everyone. Rachel brings such a high level of knowledge and humble pie to each class. Most of all, she takes extra care to connect with each individual in her own unique way. She’s a great listener and has a knack for bringing in multiple layers of humor, inspiration, geeky anatomy info and humility to each and every class. In our technology culture of instant gratification and lack of focus, it’s a gift to connect with someone who shows up and teaches with presence. I have such gratitude for Rachel, her time and her commitment as a teacher and healer.
— Camden, RMT, YogaYoga Healthcare Professionals Training Graduate
I will never fully be able to express my gratitude for you coming into my life. Your kindness, teachings and friendship restored my Heart and Spirit. You will always be a critical turning point on my path. I cannot wait to experience and hear about our next journeys.
— Theresa, YogaYoga Training Graduate
Yoga Yoga Hatha Flow Teacher Training was a fantastic experience for me. I went in confident that I would teach! Then, I was confused and didn’t want to teach! Then, I started teaching and loved it! I say all of this, because the Teacher Training program gave me the flexibility and support to grow, change my mind, and change it again ... all while learning and deepening my practice. It turns out that I love teaching and have continued doing it, but the program would have been worth every penny even if I never continued to teach. I learned a ton about the history and practice of yoga. Something that could have been very daunting was broken down and presented in digestible bites. Rachel was great - she is a font of knowledge but presents everything in a fun, easy going manner. I would highly recommend the program.
— Sarah S, YogaYoga Flow-Based Training Graduate
Enrolling in training was a bold step for me and my family. But with each step I am certain I’m headed in the right direction. You (Ana) have a very nurturing heart, and it is easy to see why students, and me, gravitate toward you.
— Jennifer, YogaYoga Training Graduate
Rachel brings a multi-disciplinary perspective to Yoga Yoga’s Teacher Training program. She shares her wisdom and experience with yoga while applying a real world physical perspective. That is knowing what yogis’ expected of an asana pose while understanding and respecting each practitioners physical strengths and limitations. This mindset is a practical tool and my guiding principle helping clients feel successful with their individual yoga practice. Thank you Rachel!
— Nadine, YogaYoga Flow-Based Training Graduate
What a gift to have you as a teacher. I feel so well taught, well loved and well PREPARED! Thank you for your wisdom and love
— Rhonda, YogaYoga Training Graduate