I highly recommend teacher training for students, not just prospective yoga teachers. It is a great opportunity to deepen your practice not just physically, but have a greater awareness of the human condition through philosophy, literature, and the breath. The experience is completely transformative.
— Unity P.

Zingara Yoga Teacher Training is: 


Teacher training teaches basic life skills concerning physical, mental and emotional well-being. Students go home after each course with new tools for themselves and those close to them.


Just as a pose can be adapted for a student, the education received in teacher training is adapted to individual needs.  Some students come in with teaching experience and some don't. The goal is to meet the individual where they are in either case.

Life Changing

Yoga teacher training is a transformative and unforgettable experience regardless of skill, age, experience or intention.  Each person enters training with their own individual needs and gifts and leaves better able to access and use those gifts.



Students work closely together and with the instructor to practice skills soon after learning them. The focus on practice teaching begins early on in the training.



Class has its ups and downs but overall it is a ridiculous amount of fun.  Adults rarely take the time to enjoy the company of other adults in a safe and transformative environment.  Friends made in class become friends for life.


Often times there is too much emphasis on reaching a full form of a pose. In these trainings, the focus is on function over form.  Students discover ways to bring the benefits of yoga to every body.



Facing oneself on the mat and in the classroom on a regular basis provides physical and emotional hurdles. Each individual quickly discovers his or her own road blocks to a more authentic life and sets about conquering them in this practice.


Individuals approach training with a single view of yoga and leave with a multi-faceted approach.  They learn to do yoga that can serve them for a lifetime.